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Best Practices of Organizing Your Life

First thing about organizing your life is to recognize the various roles you play. Eg:

  • Family man – husband and father of two children
  • Corporate leader – leader of any sized team in the corporate world (from 3 to 1000’s)
  • Project member – member of project teams. Eg: A member of a local Home Owners Association or a Church Group
  • etc.

Once these roles are clear, you need to identify the groups of stakeholders you need to collaborate with as well as the tasks that are either assigned to you or you expect others to do within those groups.

WhatsDone can help you define these groups and tasks, and collaborate with all your stakeholders on your expectations of them as well as their expectations from you.

A good rule of thumb is for the task to be at the level of granularity that can be assigned to a single person to be completed as one atomic activity. Sometimes for a complex task that is assigned to a person, you might want to capture the exact steps that need to be completed before the task can be considered as done. You can use a checklist against such tasks rather than unnecessarily increase the number of tasks. If you find that a line item in a checklist needs to be assigned to someone else, it’s a good indication that it’s time to break off that tasks into multiple tasks.

It’s important for you to get all your stakeholders used to the WhatsDone way of tracking tasks and collaborating. If anything is reported that is not captured in WhatsDone, get them to add those items to WhatsDone straightaway or add them yourself. You cannot have some items getting tracked inside and others getting tracked outside of WhatsDone. Tracking everything within WhatsDone will build discipline to use the app in the most effective manner.

We recommend you go through your lists at a minimum first thing in the morning and before you wind down for the night to ensure both you and your teams stay disciplined. We also recommend to turn on notifications so that you are informed of changes in real time and can respond before it’s too late. We cannot over-emphasize the synergies that can result through this kind of real-time collaboration between teams.

You can use WhatsDone to run regular reviews face to face or over telecon with your teams. If you do run a regular review with your teams, it’s always good to go through the list in advance and use the chat feature to clarify any items you need to in the app itself. Using @mentions ensures the targeted individuals are notified immediately of your request.

Use the MyTasks view to track tasks assigned to you across groups.

We hope WhatsDone will help your organize your home and work life!