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You Just Started Using the WhatsDone App. What now?

What are my tasks? How do I create groups? Here is a quick overview of the main concepts you need to be aware of to make the best use of WhatsDone.

First, let’s understand some of the core concepts of WhatsDone.


Groups are a way of organizing tasks around a collaborating set of individuals or teams. WhatsDone comes with a default group called Personal that can be used to track your own personal ToDo items that you don’t need to share with anyone.


You can create your own groups and add members to that group. Members can be anyone in your contact list. If they are in the platform, they will get a notification, otherwise, will get an SMS. It has never been simpler to create and share tasks with others, be it family members, work colleagues or project teams.


A task is a granular activity that needs to be completed by someone. A task is always inside a group. A task can be assigned to any member of the group. In the free version, when you assign a task to a contact outside of the group, that person will automatically become a member of that group and will be able to see other tasks in the group (of course the app will ask you before adding him/her to the group).


A task can have a due date and a status that indicates if the task has not started, in-progress, on-hold or done. This makes easy for team members to share the status of their task with others.


Each task can have an associated chat that can help team members collaborate. This is extremely helpful to followup on tasks to ensure they’re completed and also resolve any required clarifications around the task.



Tasks can have checklists attached to them. A checklist is a simple alternative to sub-tasks (as subtasks can become unwieldy to manage). A checklist is a way of defining clearly the things that need to be satisfied before the ask can be considered as done.


MyTasks View

Since you can have tasks assigned to you scattered across groups, the MyTasks view gives a convenient way to see all your tasks in a single place.

Now that you have an idea of WhatsDone Concepts, you can dive into some best practices on organizing your life!